Technical Security Services

Your best plan for the defense of your systems involves playing offense. Through penetration testing and incident response services, your organization can identify any areas of concern in your defense system and be prepared to quickly and efficiently respond to computer security incidents. Through simulated hacking and collecting info from computers, our team can identify any steps taken by an attacker, including if they had access to sensitive data. We can help you preserve the integrity of your production systems and provide you with a comprehensive analysis to help you determine your next steps. As a GIAC certified incident handler, we can help you prevent unneeded expenses, over-extending internal resources, and provide the essential information needed to make critical decisions about your company’s information security.

Technical Security + Consulting Services

Many of the companies who turn to LBMC Information Security for penetration testing also take advantage of one or more of our other information security services—from risk assessments to intrusion detection and prevention. By sharing information across functional areas, we are able to ensure that our testers stay on top of the latest attack techniques, emerging threats, and creative defenses, which improves our assessment and testing techniques and the quality of the resulting threat intelligence we provide to our clients.