Information Security Consulting Services

When it comes to protecting sensitive data and systems, the stakes are high and can put a strain on your in-house resources. The stakes are especially high if you are in more heavily-regulated industries, such as healthcare or finance. You need security consulting from a partner with experience, who has been where you are now and knows how to spot the weaknesses in your security program.

At LBMC Information Security, security is all we do. Our approaches to security risk assessments, HIPAA risk assessments, penetration testing, and cyber incident responses are based on our team’s many years of experience leading security functions, addressing risks, and consulting on IT security for companies of all sizes and industries.

Why Seek Security Consulting Services?

Creating a secure environment requires both an understanding of the business’ larger objectives and clear and open communication between security professionals, operational leaders, and the boardroom.

Our experience sitting on your side of the desk means that we understand your challenges and know what it takes to design and implement security solutions that will work—and one that all stakeholders will embrace.

Our many subject matter experts are cross-trained in multiple areas and can be made available to provide IT/security consulting on an as-needed basis. LBMC Information Security would work under the direction of an individual you designate and provide either remote or on-site assistance.