ACAB LADMF Certification Assessment

In 2016, the Social Security Administration suddenly began requiring security certification for companies accessing the SSA Death Master File. In response, LBMC Information Security became one of the first companies offering ACAB certification assessments. Today, we remain one of the most of experienced LADMF certification firms in the nation.

LBMC Information Security uses the NIST Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity and the NTIS Limited Access Death Master File (LADMF) Certification Program Publication 100 as guidelines to satisfy the requirements of the rule. In accordance with NTIS Limited Access Death Master File Certification Program Publication 100, LBMC Security & Risk Services evaluates criteria to include:

  • Information Secure Storage
  • Restricting Access to LADMF Information
  • Disposing of Limited Access DMF Information
  • Information Security guidance in accordance with ACAB requirements

Additionally, we conduct an initial scoping of the environment where we will determine, based on how and where the LADMF is handled, the extent to which we can “pull-forward” testing results from any previous assessments. Upon completion of the assessment, and upon the satisfactory completion of any associated remediation efforts, LBMC Information Security submits a completed LADMF ACAB Systems Safeguards Attestation Form (Form NTIS FM100A) in accordance with NTIS procedures, to the NTIS on our client’s behalf.