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LBMC provides IT assurance, technical security services and security consulting to fortify your infrastructure — so you can worry less and focus more on what matters.

Our LBMC Information Security team is uniquely qualified to tackle your security and audit needs—because we’ve been where you are. Many of our team members worked as cybersecurity professionals themselves before joining our team.

We are uniquely qualified with various certifications to conduct assessments against almost every cybersecurity framework that exists. Very few other firms can claim this fact. Because of this, we can do any type of audit you need, while also simplifying the process by auditing once and issuing multiple reports.

With over 20 years of experience and more than 300 U.S. healthcare companies served thus far, our team members draw on this insider industry knowledge to help you achieve and maintain risk compliance in ways that are practical and relevant to your organization.

Our information security solutions for cyber risk management are customized to your unique risk environment. By tailoring our results and deliverables to the particular needs of your organization, we’re able to keep our solutions practical and cost-effective.

LBMC Information Security Expertise

IT Assurance Services

The cyber risk management and compliance landscape can be especially convoluted and difficult to navigate. With such heavy regulatory and public scrutiny of your security and privacy practices, you need an experienced risk compliance and audit specialist to guide you through this labyrinth of regulations to ensure you have the basic control processes in place to provide evidence to your clients and stakeholders that they’re in compliance. Our team members draw on their insider industry knowledge to help you achieve and maintain cybersecurity risk compliance in ways that fit your unique needs.

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Technical Security Services

It’s true that the best defense is a good offense, and the ability for today’s organizations to quickly and efficiently respond to a computer security incident has never been more critical. As a top penetration testing and cyber forensics company, we go on the attack to identify the holes in your defenses before the attackers do—preserving the integrity of your production systems while still providing a comprehensive analysis. As a GIAC certified incident handler, our team provides a proper response to network and computer attacks to prevent unneeded expenses, over-extending internal resources, and ultimately providing the essential information needed to make critical decisions for moving forward.

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Security Consulting Services

Whether you are in the heavily-regulated industries of healthcare and financial services or lead a large corporation, our approach to risk assessment, testing, and security program design is based on years of experience leading security functions, addressing risks and consulting on IT security. We know how to implement practical and effective security programs because we have been in your shoes and done it so many times before. Our team of experts function as your virtual security officer, helping you establish and maintain a security program for a company.

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