It’s More Than Crunching Numbers

We may be numbers people, but our audit services go beyond the facts and figures to identify missed opportunities, manage risk and maximize performance.

Since we believe in making the most of your opportunities and time, here are a few key qualities you can expect from our team:

  • Professional services delivered in a personalized manner
  • Vigilant, detail-oriented accuracy and leading industry expertise
  • Well-planned and coordinated delivery
  • Proficiency in the use of artificial intelligence (we use MindBridge Ai)
  • Efficiencies using technology including IDEA® Data Analysis Software, Smartsheet™, Sharefile™ and CaseWare

We also have extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions — working hand-in-hand with management, buyers, sellers and third-party advisors to ensure you are informed at every step of the process. Our support begins with acquisition and carries over into sell-side due diligence. This approach helps us to keep deal-related matters at the forefront of your audit each year.

We primarily work with the following companies and industries:

  • Middle market companies
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing service companies
  • Technology companies
  • Private equity groups

In all of our work, we take a forward-thinking approach designed to keep you prepared and minimize surprises. Above all, we value long-term client relationships that allow us to truly know and understand each other — because like we said, it’s about more than just the numbers.