By Joe Cron, v Chief Technology Officer, LBMC Technology Solutions – 

When choosing a new phone system solution, businesses are met with numerous options available to them – Analog Phones, Digital Phones, IP Phones – But which is the best choice of phone system? Well, there are pros and cons to each, but I personally prefer the advantages to IP phones over other phone options available. When you look at an IP phone, you must realize that it’s really like having a small computer at your desk, which gives you several advantages in this tech driven world. There are tons of features that the analog and digital counterparts just don’t have.

Here are some reasons that I always recommend IP phones over any other option.

IP Phones Boost Productivity

Quick Key Access: The most successful companies I know are quick to adapt to technology that allow their employees to be productive, this includes phone systems. IP phones give team members the ability to make their phones fit their functionality needs with easy to program keys that set features for quick access. This minimizes time spent fussing around with a phone system and allows users to access features at the push of a button.

Visual Voicemail: Another productivity booster that comes with the use of IP phones is visual voicemail capabilities. Think of your smart phone, except on your desk. Users no longer have to dial into a phone system and slowly make their way through automated prompts and old messages in order to retrieve new voicemails. With visual voicemail, users save tons of time, which can be channeled into other job functions.

Status Reporting: If that wasn’t enough, IP phones also allow teams to show quick status updates. How many times have you wondered if someone is available, away from their desk, on the phone, or unable to be disturbed? With status updates and reporting, it’s easy for your team to let everyone know what they are up to by simply being online.

IP Phone Management is Less Complicated for Admins

Easier Set Up: Gone are the days where adding a new employee within the phone system took tedious set up and frustrating programming. Now, with IP Phones admins are able to quickly and effectively set up users by using a web based GUI or even the phone interface. This cuts time for the IT team and allows them to focus on bigger issues, like that guy in the office that always seems to download a virus they shouldn’t have. (Read more here about how to put an end to that as well.)

Plug & Play Moving: In the past when team members moved offices, the most time-consuming part of the process was moving their phone line to a new location. With IP phones, users can simply unplug their phone from one office and plug it into the next one without any disruption in service or additional set up required.

Dynamic Contact List: Another feature that makes the phone admin's life much easier is the dynamic contact list. When users are added or taken away, the team contact list automatically updates with the proper information. This is such an easy way to keep your team contacts in line!

IP Phones Allow for Industry Enhancements

3rd Party Integrations: Companies everywhere are using 3rd party integrations that allow them to enhance their IP phones beyond the already amazing capabilities. Here are some examples of how IP phones are going the extra mile.

Education: Educational institutions are incorporating emergency notification systems into their IP phones, which allow them to quickly notify the faculty of any important information that may need to be relayed in a quick and effective manner.

Auto Dealerships: Auto dealerships are integrating software that allows them to report on metrics around hold times and service KPIs for their various departments. 

Call Centers: Many call centers are enhancing their systems with software that allows the head of the call center to pull metrics about the number of calls, length of calls, and other data that is pertinent to the management of their teams.

Customer Service: Another way users are excelling with their IP phones is by utilizing integrated options that automatically display customer information when a call comes in. This cuts time when having to look up a caller, which increases customer service levels and client retention.

If you’re looking for more information on IP phones, the team at LBMC would be happy to give you a little more insight into the options that are available to your company. Message us for a free phone system consultation today to be more efficient and productive.